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Create another jessie slave with 2 executor slots
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I would like to move the npm-node-4 jobs off of nodepool to reduce pressure on labs infra and since the jobs execute relatively quick (nearly all under 1 minute), I think they are a good candidate. We currently have 3 jessie slaves, with one executor slot each, meaning 3 slots total. I would like to increase that to at least 5 before I feel comfortable moving these jobs over.

So this would be a "large" instance.

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Paladox added a subscriber: Paladox.

Changing to high since nodepool is deftly unstable.

Or create two new slaves (medium) with one slot each.

Mentioned in SAL [2016-08-27T20:24:05Z] <hashar> Manually installing jenkins-debian-glue 0.17.0 on integration-slave-jessie-1004 and integration-slave-jessie-1005 ( T142891 ) . That is to support PBUILDER_USENETWORK T141114

Had jenkins-debian-glue 0.17.0 manually installed T141114: Upgrade jenkins-debian-glue on Jessie slaves from 0.13.0 to latest (0.17.0)

I have installed it again on integration-slave-jessie-1004 and integration-slave-jessie-1005