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[EPIC] Move first paragraph <p> above infobox template on small screens
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The problem
It takes few scrolls to get to the first sentence of the article. the top of the article doesn't give out overview of the topic quickly. with lead images, there is duplicate information taking up space.

The solution
Move only first paragraph <p> on top of the infobox if there is a lead-image


iPhone 6 Copy 3.png (2×750 px, 65 KB)
iPhone 6 Copy 4.png (2×750 px, 66 KB)


iPhone 6.png (2×750 px, 978 KB)
iPhone 6 Copy 5.png (2×750 px, 835 KB)


  • Page image extension

Acceptance criteria

  • should work in beta where page-image extension is deployed

ping @dr0ptp4kt

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Nirzar triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 16 2016, 6:24 PM

Nirzar, is this next in line for UX debt? I noticed this was dropped into sprint +1 on Readers-Web-Backlog.

@dr0ptp4kt yes but it depends too. if the team takes on related pages. i can stall this.

@Nirzar Can you flesh this out before Monday's prioritization meeting?

To elaborate on why I added a subtask: T143803

While I agree we should do this, this needs prototyping and further analysis before doing in MobileFrontend which is costly and risky. The Mobile Content service hasn't got this quite right (T143739) so I have little confidence we will.

ovasileva claimed this task.
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First paragraph now appearing before infobox

I'm calling this done. Failure rate of the lead paragraph move is extremely low and we can work in chores to keep in that way. (