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Please change back the interwiki-name for cbk-zam
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Author: spacebirdy

Hello, please change 'back' the interwiki-name for cbk-zam
to either
"Chavacano de Zamboanga"
if Your argument is that the first is too long)

The interwiki-name was changed due to 7581#c2 ([[bugzilla:7581#c2]]) without community resolution by a non-native-speaker. Since the current link-name is disambiguous it should be changed back. Thanks.

This has been requested at Meta and Betawiki by a native-speaker and the proposer of cbk-zam-wikipedia.
Please see for validation.

Many thanks in advance,
Elisabeth Anderl [[:wikt:is:Notandi:Spacebirdy]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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jam wrote:

Yes, I would like to request that all interwiki name/links of cbk-zam everywhere as "Zamboangueño" be reverted back to "Chavacano de Zamboanga". Chavacano de Zamboanga is the formal name that was presented to Meta a year ago on the request for its wikipedia creation. The request for cbk-zam as Zamboangueño on is simply invalid and null. The one who requested is not a native speaker and who does not even contribute anything to the Chavacano de Zamboanga wikipedia. There was also no community consensus. Also, Zamboangueño is ambiguous (seeño). cbk-zam is really "Chavacano de Zamboanga" or Chavacano for short. I, being the one who proposed the creation of the Chavacano de Zamboanga wikipedia at meta and being its administrator is asking the bugzilla community to please correct this mistake which I have seen is all over wikipedias everywhere especially at meta where cbk-zam is branded as, partly incorrect yet partly correct (hence ambiguous), Zamboangueño. More accurately, cbk-zam is "Chavacano de Zamboanga".

Kind regards,

spacebirdy wrote:

This seems to had been fixed, thanks a lot.