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Authentication Error on Using CommonsHelper
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I tried to use the CommonsHelper (, but instead of directing me to the OAuth page, a window popped up with the message "Auth not OK". I could not get past that stage.

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Assuming you are logged in on, what is the exact full message you get?

Do you end up on (with some URL parameters included)?

Yes, I was logged in on No, the usual OAuth window asking me to authorize did not appear.

The only thing that happened was that a window with the message "Auth not OK" popped up.

This has happened to me several times as well recently. At my home computer, I literally cannot use CommonsHelper anymore, and have been unable to for months. Oddly, when I swapped to a different computer temporarily, it worked for a brief period of time before again popping the "Auth not OK" message and not allowing me to re-authenticate.