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templates are not parsed in Flow topic headings
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Templates are not parsed in the Flow topic headings.

Links work there, but templates just stay with {{curlies}}.

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Are you sure it's a good idea?

I only said that they are not parsed. I didn't say that they should be parsed, and that was intentional :)

I'm just passing on feedback from another editor, and I should have noted in the initial description.

Post headings should be plain text, they shouldn't support any markup including links, and when appearing on the Flow board the heading should be a permalink to the post page. That's how posts around the web usually work.

But the fact is that T89783 was declined, and the headings started supporting links (judging by the comments at T59153 it's a subset of wikitext that is used in edit summaries, but I didn't check deeper details). If the headings support links, then users expect them to support more wikitext.

If the Flow product manager declines this, it's fine, but it makes sense to me to at least make it explicit, because otherwise people will keep asking about it.

This is intentional. Implemented (and details) in T59153: Allow links in Flow topic titles.
IIRC, we're using the limited parser that is also used in the WikiEditor edit-summaries text-field.
I.e. it will only format wikilinks and nothing else. E.g. and
This is because templates and other wikimarkup in topic titles, leads to way too many edge-cases. Such as how to display in history pages and other feeds, and other sanitization requirements.

Cool, thanks for the confirmation. It would be nice to document it somewhere if it isn't already.

Also, there was much work done on keeping Flow titles safe for Echo Notificaitons - T120291: wikitext in flow titles is parsed (HTML tags like <tt> and templates) on echo notifications and T120324: XSS in Flow topic titles. One unresolved issue T141460: Notification: Dummy title used when section name is a magicword shows how differently wikitext section titles and Flow titles deal with parsing.