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Is this still a functioning plugin?
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I'm sure this is not quite the right place for this, but the information is so disjointed and this plugin has an actual maintainer so I was hoping for a straight answer. I tried to deploy this on 1.27, php7. Stuff just doesn't work. I get the popups like "unchecked" and I can approve stuff, but it doesn't force stable revisions no matter which variables I set. Further, special pages just don't work. "stable pages" redirects to reviewed pages which has the error "no target"

There's the talk page:

Which just seems to have a bunch of like deployment stats. Seems mostly irrelevant to anything usage related.

I came across this rfc, that essentially seems to promote scuttling the plugin:

It totes it's self as making mediawiki more of a CMS which is what I need. I'm using it for controlling process documentation for a corporate wiki. An iso 9000 sort of leaning. Do I need to rtfm more, or is it possible stuff isn't working right?

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Just to take it a step closer to a bug report more than it being a question:

You can replicate my environment using this:

curl | bash

It's all docker, but it's the best way to give a verbatim setup. Works on ubunutu/redhat. to run stuff like php or mysql you just docker into those containers example:

docker exec -ti fpm /bin/sh

then you have php etc

You can install the plugin, and it won't really work right. I wish I had more concise report than "seemingly broken"

Hi @Ryan.lewkowicz, thanks for taking the time to report this! states that the extension is deployed on Wikimedia sites (which is correct). Whether it is "functioning" depends on personal views and expectations, plus every software has bugs. And the Wikimedia sites do not run on PHP 7 (yet) so that might also be related.
If you run into specific problems, a bug report with good steps to reproduce is welcome. See for more information.
If you wonder whether this might be a configuration issue, is a good place to ask questions / discuss problems too.

Yes, the extension works and is widely deployed. What does "won't really work right" mean? Can you pastebin your configuration?

That's all I needed was to know I was doing something wrong. I had pulled the extension from git vs it's release and that seemed to cause issues. You guys are awesome, sorry to bother you.