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Investigate how to undo moving a file to commons
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Users with the "rollback" right (in German "zurücksetzen") should be able to undo moves to fight vandalism.

Current way:

  • Somebody moves a file to Commons (using the CommonsToolhelper, uploading it new or any other way), and marks the file to be deleted on Wikipedia
  • The file gets deleted on Wikipedia
  • Somebody realizes that the move was not ok. They delete the file in commons and reinstate it on Wikipedia (which you can do with Admin rights)

Ideas how to realize the undoing of a move

  • Just delete the version on Commons and undo the deletion on Wikipedia
  • Not only write an extension to move files to Commons, but allow the moving of files between arbitrary wikis
  • Keep the file on Wikipedia and just have a redirect to Commons, which can then be taken away again

Things to think about

  • When deciding if the user facing part is part of the extension or a gadget, take this case into account (but should work anyways with an API)

Event Timeline

There are multiple issues that arise if we implement a rollback option from the very beginning:

  • Technically, people would have to have deletion, not just rollback rights, since they are deleting a file on Commons
  • What should be done if further changes had happened on the Commons version of the file? It could then not just be undone

For the first version, we will stick to the existing possibilities of manually deleting a file on Commons and through your admin rights reinstantiating it on the home wiki. However, we will rethink who should be allowed to do moves in the first place, and will keep our eyes out for requests/complaints about the rollback issue, once the extension goes live and people have made experiences with it.