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Investigate how to correctly move the file template info
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Current situation:
There are many templates in use to describe file information. The templates differ by community and also by project. That means, that the template used on Wikipedia most likely has another name on Commons. Keeping the template information when moving files to commons is essential for the move, at least as important as the moving (i.e. keeping the file history intact etc.) itself.

Current solution
The commonshelper tool contains a list that maps Wikipedia template names to commons template names [1]. This list is updated either by the maintainer of the tool, or by admins who notice that there is a template missing or outdated. Especially for smaller communities, the list can be outdated.

First ideas:

  • Start with the commons helper list
    • Don't allow the moving of files with licences that do not occur in the list
  • Allow admins to maintain the template translation list themselves
  • Ask the users to choose the template for commons from a list of all templates
  • use a wiki site to keep track of all template matches and then use lua code to use the list