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Deleting a page should not affect the old protection
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Author: redrocketboy

When a page is deleted, any previous protection placed on it is also removed. In the case of the Main Page, when it is deleted by rouge admins, the full protection previously applied to it is lost. The protection placed on a page should not be automatically removed when a page is deleted. Thanks.

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thogol wrote:

Actual case: A very famous TV quiz show had a question about a sort of tomato. dewiki had no article and the following log was the result (nobody really lifted the protection, all admins there tried to protect that page, but failed...):

That would have not happened if page protection were independent of existence of the article... ;o)

ayg wrote:

(In reply to comment #0)

The protection placed on a page should not be automatically removed when a
page is deleted. Thanks.

Or more precisely, if it was edit-protected, it should be create-protected with the same protection level.

aaron added a comment.Sep 5 2008, 11:00 PM

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aaron added a comment.Sep 11 2008, 7:20 AM

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Huji added a comment.Nov 29 2008, 11:41 AM

Created attachment 5542
Adds the requried functionality

The patch I've attached here adds the required functionality; however, it is not ready yet, in two ways:

  1. It throws a warning about an index, which I haven't fixed yet.
  2. As soon as this feature is added, I expect people to request for the reverse too: to be able to keep the "create" protection as an "edit" protection on restoring a page. This patch doesn't address that.

attachment 12343.diff ignored as obsolete

  • Bug 23774 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Another Condition, about protection on create:

  1. Protect nonexistant page "AAAA" for new an unregistered users.
  2. Now unregistered users aren't able to create page "AAAA" - OK
  3. An autoconfirmed user or sysop creates the page "AAAA".
  4. A sysop deletes page "AAAA".
  5. Now unregistered users are able to create page "AAAA" - BUG!

(protected on November 11, until 25, created by an autoconfirmed user, deleted,
and then unregistered users were able to recreate it)

/me notes that personally I would consider the current behaviour more correct than the proposed behaviour (since re-creating a page is like creating a new page with the same name, not re-creating the "old" page that was deleted), but maybe I'm just weird.

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sumanah wrote:


sumanah wrote:

Comment on attachment 5542
Adds the requried functionality

Patch no longer applies to trunk - automated testing per - marking obsolete.

sumanah wrote:

Huji, I'm sorry, but trunk has changed since you submitted your patch such that it no longer applies. Would you be interested in talking with us about what the desired behavior should be, possibly via a Village Pump or two and the MediaWiki-General channel on freenode, and then revising your patch to include that functionality? Thank you.

I've just moved a non-protected page ontop of the Main Page (in el.wikipedia) which of course was protected. The old Main Page was deleted (as usual) and the resulting Main Page was not protected (a good user noticed that). I guess that the admin who performs such a "delete and move" action will know in most cases that the page is protected. There should be at least a warning that the resulting page but preexisting title will not be protected any more.

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