Revision API should support sizediff or sizes property
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When querying the usercontribs API I can request a property sizediff which tells me how many bytes changed in the eit.
When querying recentchanges API I can request sizes.

There appears to be no corresponding query for the revisions API


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The recentchanges API uses fields in the recentchanges table that are not available for the revisions API.

It looks like the same logic used for usercontribs could be used in revisions as well, only slightly complicated by the fact that ApiQueryRevisionsBase is shared by a few other modules.

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Assuming you added &rvprop=sizediff to it, it should since you're using rvdiffto=prev. For diffs in general, it would need a different change to show the size difference between the diffed revisions.

Yup specifically I'm asking for the size difference not the before size or after size.