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bigbrother hosts missing exec packages
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qsub expects the commands that are started to be available on the submit host as well. This doesn't seem to be the case:

Hmm, apparently whereever bigbrother is run from doesn't have php installed.... any easy way to convince jstart it might just work and to stop complaining?
Program not found on php, /usr/bin/php, /etc/alternatives/php, /usr/bin/php5 etc (seems to be the place on the exec hosts)..... 'fixed' it by making it call a bash script that calls exec to php

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exec_environ indeed seems not included on the bigbrother host. We can either include that, or we can figure out how to make SGE not complain about missing files (which I think is configurable with the -b (binary) flag to qsub) and tune jsub/jstart accordingly.

Example of a big brother host?

But I vote adding exec_environ as the simple solution

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BigBrother has been disabled in Toolforge.

The tools-cron hosts have ::toollabs::exec_environ.

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