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Endterm evaluation for "Automated Testing and Integration of IFTTT support to Wikidata"
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GSoC 2016 program enters into its final week soon. All interns should have discussed with their mentors by now on how to submit their work for evaluation as per -

Copying from the above link:


As part of the final evaluation, all participating students must provide a link to the work they have done for the program. Failure to do so properly, may result in failing the program. There are several different ways to do this, so please read this document carefully.

These links will be published on the public project list. They help demonstrate the work that was done during the program. They are also a great way for you to refer back to your work for future employers.

In brief: The target of the link should contain a short description of what work was done, what code got merged, what code didn't get merged, and what's left to do.


  • It must be easy to identify the work you have done. (i.e. the changes you made or new code.)
  • When someone goes to the provided URL it should be crystal clear what work you did without requiring them to do signifcant additional digging.
  • It should be in a stable location. It cannot be changed after submission.
  • Someone else should be able to use the content at (or referenced from) the target of the link to extend your work.
  • If your work is 100% complete, they should be able to use it.
  • If your work is not 100% complete, it should be clear what's left to do.


Please help your student do a proper code submission. It's important to do this before the evaluation period.

Check that…

  • The submission meets the requirements above.
  • The code compiles.
  • There's documentation of what and why.

Important Dates

August 15 19:00 UTC: Student Final Evaluation (of mentor) period starts.
August 20 19:00 UTC: Deadline for submission for payment information by OA’s
August 23 19:00 UTC: Deadline for Student Final Evaluation (of mentor) submission.
August 23 19:01 UTC: Mentor Final Evaluation (of student) period starts.
August 25 19:00 UTC: Deadline for updating shipping address.
August 29 19:00 UTC: Deadline for submission of Mentor Final Evaluation of (student).


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@Sumit, I submitted the link that my mentor agreed that I should submit. Thanks.

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Hello mentors, please remember to complete the final evaluation on before August 29th, 19:00 UTC

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