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Make debian-glue job timeout configurable
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The debian-glue Jenkins jobs times out after 30 minutes regardless of the Gerrit project. operations/debs/contenttranslation/giella-sme is an heavy build that takes hours (ex: ).

We need a way to set the timeout differently. Probably passed as a Zuul parameter to be used in the Jenkins job. We would need to keep a sane default.


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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptAug 22 2016, 12:07 PM

The plugin defaults to 3 minutes and exposes it as BUILD_TIMEOUT. It does support Token Macro and we can add a build parameter that default to 3 or 30 or whatever, then override the value via Zuul parameters function.

Lame Jenkins conf ( ):

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
          <description>Timeout in minutes</description>
      <command>echo &quot;BUILD_TIMEOUT: $BUILD_TIMEOUT&quot;
sleep 185</command>
    <hudson.plugins.build__timeout.BuildTimeoutWrapper plugin="build-timeout@1.17.1">
      <strategy class="hudson.plugins.build_timeout.impl.AbsoluteTimeOutStrategy">

The job just sleep 185. Outcome:

+ sleep 185
Build timed out (after 3 minutes). Marking the build as aborted.
Build was aborted
Finished: ABORTED

Setting the parameter to 4:

+ sleep 185
Finished: SUCCESS

That looks promising.

Change 306414 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar):
debian-glue: let us override the build timeout

hashar triaged this task as Medium priority.

Change 306414 merged by jenkins-bot:
debian-glue: let us override the build timeout

Change 306416 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar):
Fix BUILD_TIMEOUT token extension in debian-glue

I have added a BUILD_TIMEOUT parameter to both debian-glue jobs with a default value of 30 (minutes). Made Zuul to inject 180 (minutes) for operations/debs/contenttranslation/giella-sme

Did a recheck on and it is currently building on

Change 306416 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix BUILD_TIMEOUT token extension in debian-glue

IF manages to complete, we can mark this task as solved.

Note that the Jenkins slaves have two CPU and run only a single build. I have noticed the operations/debs/contenttranslation/giella-sme package only use a single CPU when building.

There is a make -j1 in the chain:

\_ /usr/bin/make -f debian/rules build
    \_ /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/bin/dh build --parallel --with autoreconf
        \_ /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/bin/dh_auto_build -O--parallel
            \_ make -j1

Though that invokes a few other make as sub / sub sub childs. But that would be a different task maybe

KartikMistry closed this task as Resolved.Aug 24 2016, 3:59 PM is passing tests, so build timeout issue is fixed.