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Introduce rcshow=oresreview and similar ones
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See T122689#1939440

We need to add two cases to "" parameters when list=watchlist or recentchanges, or usercontribs (for the sake of consistency between GUI and API). I suggest we add "oresreview" and "!oresreview" which the first one only shows edits that passes a certain threshold [1] and second one only shows good edits. we can simply query from ores_classification table

[1]: This threshold is $wgOresDamagingThreshold and it's determined wiki-wide but my plan is to change it to something users can alter in their preferences.

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list=watchlist might be a bit tricky, since it's using WatchedItemQueryService instead of doing the queries directly so it won't be as easy to adjust the query from the extension's hooks. I've asked @Addshore for advice on that since he wrote that code.

One open question is what to do for revisions that don't already have scores saved in the database:

  1. Treat them as needing review (only returned with show=oresreview)
  2. Treat them as not needing review (only returned with show=!oresreview)
  3. Filter them out when either ORES filtering option is used
  4. Don't filter them out (only apply the filtering to revisions that have scores)

Note that #1 or #2 could result in unexpected output, since later fetching the scores for those revisions might reveal they should have been filtered out.

For the sake of consistency with the GUI, I think we should follow #2. Number of revisions not stored in the db is negligible for watchlist and recent changes. What do you think?

I lean towards #3, but that's mainly because the potential for inconsistency really bugs me.

Change 313830 had a related patch set uploaded (by Anomie):
API: Add hooks for ApiQueryBase's query and row-processing

Change 313831 had a related patch set uploaded (by Anomie):
Action API integration for ORES

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API: Add hooks for ApiQueryBase's query and row-processing

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This isn't done yet.

My mistake! Sorry about that.

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Action API integration for ORES

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