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Instrument ReviewStream feed to monitor usage
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To understand user behavior, we need to know if people are using the feed. It's important we be able to tell if users are accessing via a page or via tools like Huggle, which might ingest the feed directly.

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jmatazzoni renamed this task from Instrument augmented changes feed to monitor usage to Instrument ReviewStream feed to monitor usage.Sep 23 2016, 12:17 AM

@Ottomata Is there plans for kasocki to log usage so we know if our new feed is being used and with which filters? Thanks!

Hm, good question. EventStreams (which uses KafkaSSE, not Kasocki; Kasocki will not be used) is built with service-template-node, which has some built in statsd/metrics, but I'm not totally sure how these will work with stream based clients. In the usual case, the HTTP request is never closed, and I'm not sure when service-template-node sends its http request stats.

If we get http request stats on response start, then we should have these. If not, we'll have to do some extra work to get them.

That will become relevant when our feed is live (during the next quarter?). Let's discuss the options then. Thanks!

@JTannerWMF, @Catrope: As both Collaboration-Team-Triage and Edit-Review-Improvements-ReviewStream got archived, please either assign an active project to this task or decline this task. Thank you!

ReviewStream does not exist.