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Update browser tests to reflect absence of watchlist in main menu when anon
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The test Menus open correct page for anonymous users.Watchlist URL is set correctly is currently failing on the beta cluster after our changes here. This test doesn't run on @integration. We should remove this test and I guess the code for the message box at the top of the login page.

Given I am using the mobile site
And I am on the "Main Page" page
When I click on "Watchlist" in the main navigation menu
Then I should see a message box at the top of the login page

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This shouldn't be too hard jhobs so if you are having trouble grab me to pair Thursday so we can get our builds green again.

Let's make our builds green again! Also, if @Jdlrobson isn't around, then ping me @jhobs – I'm the one that broke the scenario after all!

Change 306715 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jhobs):
Remove irrelevant browser test for Watchlist

Only a really minor fix required…

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Change 306715 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove irrelevant browser test for Watchlist

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