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Document maintenance/*.php
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Can somebody make this into a blocking bug, that says go no further
until you add at least a comment into each of maintenance/*.php or at
least maintenance/README saying what its purpose is or, if nobody
knows, removing the file.

Why? Because it is just like an open medicine chest just waiting for
us little kids to gulp down a bottle... at least you can add some FDA
warning labels for we college educated kids.

E.g., clear_stats.php looks like it may solve
Bug 7378, Bug 9192, Bug 10161, Bug 11034
I said to myself. But who knows? It might be poison.

Should just take a couple minutes to add a comment to each of those
files. If nobody can figure out what the file is for, then at least
add a comment to that effect if you don't want to remove it altogether.

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Severity: normal



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I added comments for most scripts with r37845.