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Choose a color for linking article placeholders in place of redlinks
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In the future we sometimes want to point people to the article placeholder in case there's no article for a certain item yet. These links shouldn't be blue, as they are not linking to actual articles, but they also shouldn't be red, as we don't just link to an empty input form. We need to decide on a color for these links.

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thiemowmde triaged this task as Lowest priority.Aug 31 2016, 7:56 AM
thiemowmde added a subscriber: thiemowmde.

Encoding information (almost) exclusively in a color is always problematic. It's very hard to distinguish colors of text when they are close together, even for users with no visual disabilities. I suggest to:

  • Make sure there is a short, easy to understand tooltip.
  • Play around with icons, similar to the blue arrow at the end of weblinks.
  • Possibly play around with :hover styles. Personally I like these, but they are of no use on mobile.
  • Make sure to not conflict with existing colors:

I thought that one also (with or without other signifiers) could add a small icon after the link, like the one in Wikipedia signifying an external link (like linkfoo↗ )

I would like us to at least think about not using a visible differentiator for now without it being asked for.

As far as I know, we have no plan to automatically link to the placeholder page, ever. So the point seems moot.

If we really must, I suggest to just add class="stub" (or better: class="stub abouttopic" ), since that's what the placeholder essentially is. Stub links look like regular blue links per default, but can be styled locally.

@Lucie Is this still something you're trying to solve and if so, what is the reason it's not moving forward? Is @daniel s comment helpful for you in solving it?

Closing for now, feel free to reopen.

I don't think the statement in T143842#2598371 is useful, or even correct. ;)

I don't think the statement in T143842#4151062 is useful, or even correct. ;)

Well "we" as a group of developers perhaps, but "we" as the greater community of users (and editors in particular) might have other plans.

Some users want to replace redlinks by using templates, and simply refusing to make a proper solution would be pretty naïve.

No I don't like the template solution, but I do like the idea of using AboutTopic instead of linking to specific alternate languages.