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Handle Conflicts on privacy fields
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Privacy fields are fields like

is_opt out (No Bulk emails)

We have agreed to prioritise a 'yes' value for these fields since that represents a conscious opt out decision. In practice we probably only use do_not_email & is_bulk_out but I am including the others for completeness.

I decided to exclude do_not_trade since we discussed this field in another ticket and set all values for that field to 0 as we do not use it

Event Timeline

@DStrine I did a patch for this since I'd had a frustrating day & needed a win. You might prefer leave it out of the sprint for now though to keep the pressure off review.

When I looked into how the jenkins job was going I found 76k merges that had hit contacts on these fields - but some may have had other conflicts as well

Actually pulled this in & did it & Elliott reviewed it