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Develop a custom herald condition for maniphest tasks: "projects include any subprojects of ___ "
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This would allow us to have herald rules that automatically add the parent project when any sub-project is added to a task.

The main benefit is that we wouldn't need to manually update herald every time a new subproject gets created.

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Reviving this as the apps teams have reminded me that this would be far easier than asking me (or other authorized users) to update their Heralds every few weeks as they create sprint/release boards. :)

I took a shot at implementing this last night and it turns out to be a lot more difficult than it should be. It would require loading of all sub-projects for all projects on all tasks which is difficult to accomplish and inefficient. This would lead to significantly more processing time every time a task is submitted or edited.

At this point I am not sure if it's worth it, though admittedly, it would eliminate a significant annoyance.

Thanks for taking a stab at it! Bummer that it's difficult. To clarify, this is a suggested approach to a core issue of "it's annoying to manually update Herald rules all the time." Using subprojects seems like an elegant solution, but others (albeit less elegant) could include

  • Granting Herald access more liberally (obviously has its own problems, which might beget subtasks if this were pursued, e.g. "separate Herald access from admin access" or "lessen impact of Herald on server load" etc)
  • Targeting projects by naming convention/wildcard (e.g. iOS starts all projects with "iOS-app-")
  • Something else?

An approach that leverages an existing nesting feature like subprojects is probably still best despite the challenges, but I just wanted to draw attention to the distinction between "problem" and "solution." :)

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Bumping to give this some love again, after spending a few weeks with @Aklapper on the Phab Help talk page:

I imagine this is still difficult, but if @mmodell 's recent request to "keep the feature requests coming" can give fuel to this, you've got a fan in me. :-D