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Write blog post with update on situation monument database and related tools, wikidata migration
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Write a nice simple blog post for about where things are and where they are headed with some links to more info, and tools.

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@Lokal_Profil, do you feel like writing this together ? :)

Could be nice :) I'm away for a week but after that i should be around

LilyOfTheWest triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 29 2016, 12:51 AM

@Lokal_Profil and @JeanFred, we have a good number of eye-balls on the blog these days. If you want to write about some of your plans, the current state of the projects you're working on, etc., now seems to be a good time. If you need help with writing the post, please ping me. If I can be of help brainstorming about it, please ping as well. Otherwise, run with it. :)

Sorry for the delay on this.

I'll have to admit that right now I'm just to bogged down with other commitments. I'll happily answer any questions but I don't have the time to take a lead on this.

On this task, can you point to a few links where other folks could grab a list of tools and get a sense of the work being done, as a starting point for such a post?

The overview should be collected here with respect to existing tools, but i have a feeling it's not complete:

With respect to the wikidata migration, there is probably a better overview page.

@JeanFred do you think this is something you can do in November? Otherwise, we should move it 2017's Milestone.

@JeanFred I'm moving this to 2017. It would be good if we do this early in the year after the discussions of this weekend and what will be planned to be done next.

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I think this would still be valuable!

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This is an old task (and a good one). I declined as I don't see it being done in the coming 6-12 months. If you disagree and want to see it open, please re-open.