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Make MobileContext modular by creating the Blacklist service
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Blacklist is a provisional name.

MobileContext#isBlacklistedPage and #isBlacklistedPageInternal are the part of the
MobileFrontend codebase that allows wiki administrators to disable displaying the mobile view for a set of
pages and/or a category.


  • The MobileContext class no longer bears responsibility for dealing with blacklisting
  • The exists a MobileFrontend.Blacklist service that is responsible for blacklisting

Proposed Plan (YMMV)

  • Find out if MediaWiki has a cleaner way of testing whether a page is in a category
  • Create the CategoryService class, which answers the following question: is this page in that category?
  • Create the MobileFrontend.Blacklist service class, which depends on the CategoryRepository class
  • Make MobileContext depend on the service class and delegate to it when dealing with blacklisting

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@pmiazga can you take a look at this and see what you think? Let's chat later in the week, but I want to start thinking about improving our MobileContext and MobileFormatter code so I think it's worth spending some time here.

Separating code by responsibilities is always a good idea. I think it's ready to work on, moving to "triaged but future".

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I'm interesting in us refactoring MobileContext given the good work we've done inside MobileFormatter.

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Reflecting reality

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