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Make CheckUser unit-testable
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CheckUser code currently doesn't support unit testing. This feature should be added, and alongside it a test data set should also be generated.

The test data set can be extended and repurposed, such that it can be used for creating any additional extensions (e.g. a JS code that uses CU tool via API). Having a relatively extensive set of test data can be extremely beneficial.

The task is created in reaction to notable support for this idea on the cu-l listserv. One of the users on the listserv also made suggestions about what the test data should contain, which is pasted below:

  • Users
  • Sample users and anons whose edits are to be checked
  • Sample CU users whose names appear in log and who can run tests
    • with admin rights
    • without admin rights (different interface)
    • special: oversight, steward -- is it neccessary?
  • Sample non-CU users who fail to use the tool
  • Users with constant or almost constant IP and UA for a simple case
  • Useres who often change their data (both users with dynamic IP from an ISO with multiple domains and sofisticated vandals)
  • Multiple users from same IP
  • IPs
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
    • Some similar from a same domain
    • Some different
    • Blocked, previously blocked and not blocked
  • User agents
    • Common from a few operating systems and browsers (useful to keep up-to-date)
    • A few complicated ones
    • Some known bots (AWB or Pywikibot)
    • Fake
  • Edits
    • Logged-in
    • IP
    • From behind proxy / open proxy
    • Newr than 3 months
    • Older than 3 months
  • Edit summaries and check reasons -- I am not sure if they are impoertant for testing and experimenting
  • Pages of course that were edited -- I don't hink this needs extra considerations

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