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Automatic edit summary generation based on analyzing the change made
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Author: sean.van.der.smythe

It is proposed that when a user submits an edit with a blank edit summary, a summary is automatically generated according to the change made. For example adding [[ and ]] around a word or phrase would be recognized as "wikify" and changing the case of letters could be recognized as a "capitalization change" etc. The type of change could then be followed by the change made (e.g. "Wikify: enzyme -> [[enzyme]]" or "Wikify: distributor -> [[dstributor (engine)|distributor]]").

The suggestion was discussed and consensus was reached here:

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Severity: enhancement



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Suggest WONTFIX. The few auto-summaries we do support are black and white cases (new section, rollback, etc). Trying to get the software to guess is a bad idea imho.

  • Bug 12613 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Request for machine-based unsupervised text extraction.
Probably error-prone, as already written.

Sean Smith:
Is the scope of this request clear by only requesting to recognize wikifying? Or is the scope broad and vague by requesting other, non-mentioned stuff?

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