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GlobalRenameProgress: make the table dynamic
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It'll be helpful that, instead of having to reload the page over and over to see the status, the contents of the page were dynamic. Thank you.

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You may use .js:

if (location.href.match(/(Special:GlobalRenameQueue)/)) {
  }, 6000); //reload every 6 seconds

But I don't want to reload the page. I'm wondering if the table could show live results without having to reload it if at all possible.

It would definitely be useful, makes it easier to track rename progress. Currently it seems archaic to have to reload the page to get updates.

@TTO Hi. What do you or Community-Tech think about making this happen? Would it be difficult? Regards.

I laid some of the groundwork to implement this:

Once those are merged, someone could probably write up some JavaScript that polls the API and updates the table.

@Legoktm I see that those patches are still waiting code-review? I added extension-CentralAuth to the list of reviewers but I wonder if you know some other people familiar with the extension that can have a look at that? Maybe @Anomie or @Tgr ? Regards.