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Popup content is missing a scrollbar in some cases
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It looks like when there is a long word/URL in an edit summary and it does not fit the popup, sometimes the scrollbar is missing.

E.g. on when hovering the newer revision, there is a scrollbar but when you scroll forward with an arrow, and hover this revision again, there is no scrollbar and contents of the popup are "clipped".

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It looks like the OO.ui.PopupWidget is adding the overflow-x:scroll style to the incorrect div tag.
This style should be on the div with the "oo-ui-popupWidget-popup" class but instead is on the div with these classes "oo-ui-clippableElement-clippable oo-ui-popupWidget-body oo-ui-popupWidget-body-padded"

On a normal tooltip with a long summary this looks like:

pasted_file (358×427 px, 20 KB)

When it should look like:

pasted_file (353×434 px, 19 KB)

This isn't actually the issue described in the ticket, but fixing this will likely help.

Change 311638 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders):
Use word-break to avoid horizontal scrollbars inside popups

Change 311638 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use word-break to avoid horizontal scrollbars inside popups

Thanks @Esanders for the patch! It is a great improvement.

One more thing we could try to tweak is shown below, when a vertical scrollbar is shown it will cover parts of long strings in the popup.

pasted_file (357×370 px, 17 KB)

Either vertical scrollbars could be switched off or some padding / shifting of text would be needed.

Change 313203 had a related patch set uploaded (by Tobias Gritschacher):
Add fixed padding for scrollbar

Change 313203 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add fixed padding for scrollbar

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