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[feature request] make Wikidata site search available as a service at
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Wikimedia currently offers (among others) the following three ways of doing string search for items:

  1. at with SPARQL "contains" (this tends to time out)
  2. at with site search, e.g. (this isn't formatted)
  3. at by using SQL on the terms table (this may be decommissioned)

The idea is to make (2) available at :

  SERVICE wikibase:sitesearch { 
		?item wdt:P31 ?instance .
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:searchsite "wikidatawiki"  . 
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:searchterm "John Doe"  . 
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:searchlang "en"  . 
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:searchresultlimit "500" . 
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:searchresultoffset "10" . 

Maybe there is already a ticket for this.