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Regression: Ability to comment on phame posts not working
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After a recent update it is no longer possible to comment on Phame blog posts.

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We did, I think this may have been regression after a phabricator update (I thought there was a task open about this but I can't find it.

Peachey88 renamed this task from Phabricator blog posts should allow comments to Regression: Ability to comment on phame posts not working.Aug 31 2016, 7:32 AM

This looks like it was caused by

Can we report this upstream please?

Since only admins can write comments not any normal user.

Looks like there is a similar task upstream but not sure if it is related to our problem.

Testing on phab-01 which is using a newer phabricator version shows the comment box, I haven't tested weather writing a comment should work.

Lets see what happends when we upgrade weather that fixes things. If not then it has to be permissions on phame.

I tested it at upstream-phabricator. It seems like you need to be able to edit a post, to comment there.

@Luke081515 Oh I guess this needs reporting upstream so that commenting as a separate permission please?

apparently without much discussion about its advantages and disadvantages compared to other communication channels

You may want to reopen T135689: Disable blogs on Phabricator, which was prematurely closed, to continue this discussion.

@Aklapper thanks for finding that :), I will now look at backporting it for if we do the phab update this week.

Ok, this should be fixed now.

But now we need to create both


since it looks like someone removed them from our phab install thus breaking everything.

(For the records, this is still an issue after today's update.)

Actually it is fixed in the update. It was because someone removed the forms that go with phame thus preventing any user from commenting.

I know why it is broken, it isent phabricator problem now.

The patch linked above should help now.

Could one of the Diffusion-Repository-Administrators please import into


And set visibility to public.

Doint worry as the name suggests edit posts it wont actually allow any user to edit posts unleast they have the permissions set for them in the phame application.

Oh, I guess then the admin of phabricator.

Paladox assigned this task to mmodell.

This is now resolved, you can now comment again. Fixed by @mmodell :)

Confirmed that it regressed. I cannot comment on any blog posts now.

I forgot what @mmodell did to fix this.

Resolved again. Reported on #wikimedia-cloud but forgot that this task was reopened when i reported it there, then i remembered.

Buttons are now grayed out for user w/o proper permissions.
See attached screenshot:

Grayed out buttons for phame (7-14-17).png (303×228 px, 6 KB)