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"provides service" special property no longer links to Smw_service page
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The doc

the factbox of the above attribute "Coordinates" would display the link "online maps." Following this link leads you to a message article, in this case ''MediaWiki:Smw service online maps''

Indeed, in 0.7 the page Property:Coordinates has the special property Provides service whose value "online maps" is a link to the special text page

But this is no longer the case in SMW "version 1.0-alpha-SVN", the factbox just has the plain text "online maps".

The code to make the provides service string value into a link was in SMW_Factbox.php's addAttribute() after "// generic special attribute", it's simply missing from addProperty() in recent SMW_Factbox.php.

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We consider removing the service link framework alltogether, as discussed on the mailing lists. This issue will therefore not be addressed.