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Emails, sent by users to other users by Wiki-Mail sometimes don’t arrive (Wikipedia RU)
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Emails, sent by users to other users by Wiki-Mail (Special:EmailUser) sometimes don't arrive.

The problem persists since quite long time, but only after the introduction of the notifications it became apparent, that many users of the Russian Wikipedia are affected by the loss of emails. With the notifications it is now possible to see that someone sent you an email, but the email itself never arrives.

It has been noticed that only emails from other users can disappear. There were no reports of disappeared system messages from

The issue seems to be not very related to the mail service of the recipient. While most complains come from the users of, another mail services (e.g. Gmail and are also affected. Sometimes the recipient even gets the message "Your registered email address {{......}} has been unsubscribed due to multiple message delivery failures. You can verify your email address again".

Problem analysis (or educated guess)
In my opinion the incoming emails could be rejected by the recipient's mail server because the address of the sender was "faked" – the email address of the user is inserted instead of the real address of the Wikimedia mail server ( As this method is widely used by the spammers, numerous mail servers just drop or bounce the messages with the wrong sender.

This theory is supported by the fact that the Wikipedia notifications by the mail always arrive, only the emails from other users (with the replaced sender) can disappear.

Proposed solution
As a possible solution I would propose to use the address of the real Wikimedia server (e.g. for the From field and put the user's email address into the Reply-To field.

P.S.: This issue affects numerous users of our project. At least we should try to locally apply the changes for the Russian Wikipedia to see if the situation improves. Also for me: it impacts my daily work as an administrator and checkuser of the Russian Wikipedia - being able to receive only every second email with the confidential information.

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