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Extract MobileFrontend UI components to an external well documented library
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MobileFrontend has 1700 lines of asset configuration and an extensive library of UI components that is mixed with the business logic of the frontend application.

By extracting a library we can focus on clear interfaces and abstract away most of the FE configuration to make MobileFrontend more maintainable.

Original request

  • Extract core/foundational UI components, document the hell out of them, providing examples of how to use them to build new features, and place them way, way, WAY outside of the standard MobileFrontend hierarchy
    • Since Joaquin introduced me to it, I always think of Redux when I think of the outstanding documentation


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Cardsextension/Cards@phuedxIn progress

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Jhernandez added a subscriber: Jdlrobson.

@phuedx @Jdlrobson Would creating a npm library kind of like oojs did make sense?

Yes. I thought I raised a bug for this a while ago.
I'd like to see at least all the basic components in mobile.startup, mobile.oo, mobile.overlays and mobile.view pulled into as separate library that depends on OOjs.
We can give it a random name e.g. jigsaw.js and then I'd then like to see this library export all components like so:

module.exports = {
Overlay: Overlay,
View: View,

We'd need to drop the use of M.define in those libraries and work out how to load templates without introducing the mw.template.get dependency which imo is a good step in the right direction.

We should be wary of increased JS payload in doing this.

How can I help with this initiative?

@Jdlrobson I've added you to mfui, some help with the prs review would be great.

We can chat later about the repo and figure out next steps.

Jhernandez added a subscriber: bmansurov.

@bmansurov from your email (sorry I didn't answer before), this is an Epic I want us to work on. I've added that tag hoping is the right one. Let me know.

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At this point if we want we can publish MobileFrontend's library to npm, but I'm not sure if there are any benefits to doing so.

Given I can't see anything actionable here, I'm going to decline this bug saying that enough has changed.