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Preliminary discussion around conducting a survey in iOS app to learn more about reader behavior
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Goal: To understand more about reader behavior on iOS App.


These are the tasks I identified during the initial meeting with Dmitry, Leila, and Josh earlier today. If there are more, or if these are not in the right order, please feel free to edit.

  1. Identify what, if any, technical hurdles exist that need to be addressed before we can put survey on app - Josh
  1. Determine if we want to replicate survey questions from March 2016 survey on mobile/desktop. Questions:
  1. Determine whether there are more questions we would like to ask users, and if so, how to structure those future surveys. (@pizzzacat, would love your thoughts on this.)
  1. Talk to legal about privacy concerns around doing surveys in apps.
  1. Determine when to conduct survey and with which pool of users.

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@MelodyKramer is there a way I can look at the survey without taking it?!

@pizzzacat I can make a copy of the survey and give access to you, but this is a one page survey with 1 extra page of information before the submit button. There is not much information in the editable version of it that you can't see by just looking at the View version of it.

thanks @leila - if that's all the questions, no need to give access.

@JMinor can you attach copy, image, and url for this?

See T150313 for initial implementation task.

JMinor claimed this task.

Results are in for both platforms with over 3K answers for each. See linked ticket for details.