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New instances carnt connect to remote mysql setup by another instance
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Well when I for example create the gerrit-test3 project today but I actually just recareated it by deleting it and then creating it again it carnt connect to MySQL on gerrit-MySQL per

It fails to find it.

But gerrit-mysql setup two days ago works. So it seems like its the image.

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Difference is I used the debian-jessie testing image that was created by @Krenair on gerrit-test3 and I used the normal debian-jessie image on gerrit-mysql which looks like it is the image that is the problem.

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this works now, there was an issue with the instance being stuck in hard reboot state which never completed successfully and the rule to allow mysql as 3306 must have been added after that, or it was just never applied as some kind of race condition. I had to reset state on the instance to active and reboot again.

@chasemp thankyou for fixing the problem :)