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[feature request] Add Special:GoToLinkedPageElseGoToItem
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It's a very simple feature. You can reuse the special pageGoToLinkedPage and create this new special page.

Example :

Open the page in a Wiki but if there is "no page found for that combination of item and site", it will open the page in Wikidata directly.


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Karima created this task.Sep 2 2016, 9:14 AM
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thiemowmde triaged this task as Lowest priority.Sep 5 2016, 3:03 PM

This is actually the goal of the ArticlePlaceholder project. Instead of redirecting the user to the editing interface we would like to show a nice rendering of all the information we have about a concept.

I would also love to suggest an other super-trivial solution for this issue: We should change the error message shown on to have a well visible, clickable link to the item page. The relevant message key is "wikibase-gotolinkedpage-error-page-not-found".

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I am going to mark this as resolved because as Thiemo says this is the goal of the ArticlePlaceholder and it works where it is deployed already with Special:AboutTopic.

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Ainali added a subscriber: Ainali.May 28 2017, 3:25 PM

When will ArticlePlaceholder roll out to all wikis so that this becomes useful? If that is not in anyones action plan, I would suggest reopening this ticket since it solves a very specific usecase.

Individual wikis can request it to be enabled. We can't go on big wikis yet because of performance reasons.

A programmer that want to use this, do they need to keep track of which wikis that has this enabled in order to request a language version that gives a usable answer or is it queryable through API (cross my fingers one do not need to make one query per project to get that infromation).

By the way, how do one construct this URL with ArticlePlaceholder?

It should be possible to see if the extension is enabled via the API, yes.
ArticlePlaceholder URLs are like this: