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Show info about last version on edit merge screen
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Often times, people who experience an edit conflict go to the history page to find out who did the other edit and why. It would be great if they didn't have to leave the page to do so.

Therefore, please:

  • remove (by Grashüpfer90 on Date Time) from both subtitles and replace it with summary.
  • When hovering over summary, all info about that edit should show up (like in the revision slider tool tip)
  • When clicking on summary, the tooltip should appear and not disappear until closed
  • If the user does not have js, they should still be able to see this information, but a page reload would be fine.


This is part of fulfilling wish #1 of the German-speaking community wishlist 2015 (T139601).
The solution is a result of on-wiki discussion and Wikimania 2016 sessions and testings, as well as feedback we received to the prototype.

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