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Groups 'autoreview', 'autoreviewed' and 'autoreviewer' should be merged
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  • autoreview is used on 40 wikis.
  • autoreviewed just on mkwiki.
  • autoreviewer on enwiki , ptwiki, zhwiki, zh_yuewiki.

We should verify whether they all refer to the same function or is an autopatrolled-like message, then rename as appropriate. As far as I can see, the autoreviewer right on enwiki is the autopatrolled one, which they didn't renamed when they dropped FlaggedRevs

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I think voting via or on meta-wiki would be senseful

As no one oppose my suggestion above: {V17}

Compared to user group has "autopatrol" permission, which all sites use the name "autopatrolled".
Most of the sites are named "autoreview" in this case, however, so kind of doubt about this... Maybe a global RfC?