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Offline messaging support in MediaWikiChat
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Feature request originally asked by RDGGDR on Extension_talk:MediaWikiChat at MediaWiki

Fantastic extension. Is it likely to support offline messaging soon? Messages already come through if you use the user name in the portlet on the right to send it after they log off (e.g. if you already have a conversation going), but I can't see a way to send a message to a user account name when they're off. I hoped /msg Username would work like in IRC.

This basically sounds like the same thing as:

  1. client A and client B both connect to server;
  2. client B is offline;
  3. client A sends a message to client B(client B still offline);
  4. client B connect to server again;
  5. [Problem] client B can't receive the message from A;

And a response by Ravi was:

IMO there is no way only with sockets to achive this, for this you have to check state of the client B and save the offline messages to DB or to some socket variable, then push it back to client B when online

Still creating this though, this is an interesting concept to look into and it would be a great feature to have for chatting :)

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Right hold on, those examples there are referring to using sockets to send messages (this is when the client and the server keep an open connection on which messages can be passed). MWC uses polling however (a new connection is made every so often to check if there are new messages, then closed). This is still a valid suggestion however.

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