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Do not duplicate sections property on lead and remaining
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When requesting a sections property is present on both the lead and remaining objects.

This information is not necessary. Is there a reason we include it?

It would be preferable to have lead section handled in special fashion. Rather than querying for[0].text it should simply be available on a text attribute on the lead.

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This comes from the fact that the Android app uses a two step loading process for every page. In the first request (the -lead request) the app also want to know the section titles to build the ToC. That's why the lead response also contains the information needed for that. The -remaining response contains only the text for the remaining sections.

RESTBase stores the full response (lead + remaining) in Cassandra but not the lead and remaining responses. When a request for lead or remaining comes to RB it just pulls out the JSON from the respective property.

If we're making a whole new endpoint, or backwards-compatibility breaking changes otherwise we could consider moving the lead section text up.

Change 309219 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson):
Drop sections property, add text property on lead

Change 309219 merged by jenkins-bot:
Drop sections property, add text property on lead

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