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Usability and concept testing for ORES filters and improved overall filtering on Recent Changes page
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Test usability of the new filtering interface devised for the Recent Changes page as part of adding ORES filters to that page. In creating a testing plan for these changes, we need to examine three distinct areas:

  • Do users understand the purpose of the ORES filters and the system for displaying ORES data?
  • Is the new filtering tools design—which changes the way all RC page filters work— understandable and effective at meeting user goals?
  • Lastly, do the ORES filters as provided enhance the edit review process for selected workflows?

Standard usability testing with a limited set of mockup data will cover the first two points. The third, however, is a little different. This requires us to observe users as they work through a set of actual wiki edits with actual ORES scores, so that we can determine the following:

  • Do users find that the scores as presented accurately predict the edits they examine? E.g., have we set the thresholds too low?
  • Do users believe these tools will help them with their respective wiki work?
  • What changes might make the tools more helpful?

    It may not be necessary to present the edits via the new interface—though this would obviously be desirable. One limitation is that the testing data set will probably need to be in the thousands in order to allow for users to winnow down to their targets in the usual way.

Users for these tests should be familiar with the following workflows: vandalism fighting or new-user support. General edit-review would also be desirable.