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Headings occasionally serialised as <h2> elements rather than \n\n== Foo ==\n in Parsoid
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There is two examples of edits taged as done with VE, where <h2> tags have been introduced:
*The Island, seuls au monde
*Chloé Sauvourel

Based on that feedback.

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No repro, sadly.

I wonder if this is related to T134593: Intermittent corruptions on saves, likely related to data-parsoid mis-matches.

I had mentioned there that we could probably add some heuristics to detect these data-parsoid mismatch scenarios ... maybe worth reviving that idea.

@Jdforrester-WMF, @Trizek-WMF, it would be useful to ask those editors who reported these bugs if they did any copy-paste of wikitext.

I'm contacting the first one. That account doesn't have a lot of activity.
The second one is an IP and I can't expect an answer.

@NicoV may have noticed some other cases which may have been done by a more active user.

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I asked some of the users in itwiki if they remember how they have done the edits that added the <h2> tag. If the answer me with useful infos, I report them.

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A user told me he had done a copy-paste from a page in VE edit mode to another one in VE edit mode. Unfortunately, his edit was done on June, 21st, so the system has been updated on itwiki and I can't reproduce the issue.

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It's possible that this will now be fixed by T146054: VE should strip element ids from HTML that it generates when wikitext is pasted (which will go into production from 25 October). Consequently, let's come back to this in a month and see if it's re-occurred after that.

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OK, this looks like that did fix it. (Yay.)