Always show and update the category display at the end of the page when editing in VE
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When you edit a page in VE, the categories are shown at the end of the page as grayed out. But there are two issues:

  • They don't update when you update the categories through the option dialog.
  • They are not shown at all when you come from the source code editor.

This can (and did) lead to wrong edits, e.g when you add a category in source code and switch to VE, you won't notice if the category is missing. Also there is no way to go to the category description page.
If VE would render the categories and update them when they change, user would get a much better feedback on their changes to categories.

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I think this may be a dupe because I feel like we've discussed it before somewhere, but:
VE is not aware of all categories shown at the bottom of a page, only the categories from the page itself. It doesn't know about all the categories from transclusions. For this reason, I don't think we can *simply* generate a category footer when switching from source, or even accurately update an existing one based on editing through the option dialog (because if you remove from there, it might still be getting the category from a transclusion, so we'd be wrong to remove it from the category footer)

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Main related ticket would be T52239: VisualEditor: Allow the user to edit categories at the bottom of the page, similar to HotCat I think. Not sure where to go with these. Let's re-visit after the new wikitext editor is live.