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Allow Wikidata's P402 (OpenStreetMap Relation identifier) to be used in Kartographer
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If an object isn't specified in a <mapframe/>, an OSM relation could be automatically pulled from Wikidata (property P402) by using the Wikidata ID of the page, with an option to turn this off.

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Please, don't use Property P402 !!!
We show it on WIWOSM [1] project that we don't need it to link from Kartographer to an geometry in OSM.
We can use Wikipedia and Wikidata-Tags in OSM and are so more flexible to suport also points and lines without and relation-id. The relation ID's in OSM are not stable.
so please change Kartograher to support OSM data without P402.


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We can't use OSM ids because they're not guaranteed to be stable, unlike Wikidata ids. We already have integration the other way around - with OSM's wikidata tag and will continue improving it.

@Esc3300 I personally agree, and apparently there has been a number of discussions about that - see the talk page.

I agree that it's not necessary to have the same information in both OSM and Wikidata, especially where P402 is (slightly) more likely to become inaccurate (e.g. when a transport service is deleted because it no longer exists and Wikidata isn't updated). I've started a deletion discussion here.

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@Liuxinyu970226, please don't hijack this ticket and especially don't remove tags that are obvioulsy relevant. Feel free to create a separate ticket for the community wishlist item.