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Implement a chat kick log for MediaWikiChat
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Currently, all chat kicks reside in Special:Log/chat, and are mixed within messages. On wikis, especially high-traffic wikis, tons of messages will be going through - this makes it harder to see all of the kicks that have happened in one place. I recommend implementing a chat kick log, which could exist at Special:Log/chatkick.


Related Gerrit Patches:
mediawiki/extensions/MediaWikiChat : masterRegister a new log, Special:Log/chatkick

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Change 332420 had a related patch set uploaded (by SamanthaNguyen):
Register a new log, Special:Log/chatkick

It makes more sense for all chat actions to be in the same log so that they remain in a proper series of events chronologically. Separating these logs only complicates that.

Sorry, that was dumb. I'll let the chat log be easily filtered with ActionFilteredLogs instead; I'll push out a patch later today.

Change 332420 abandoned by SamanthaNguyen:
Register a new log, Special:Log/chatkick

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