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Do the schema changes for uniqueness constraints.
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We need this to be done on production databases:
(The main patch will be deployed in the next week in production cluster)

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@Ladsgroup You have assigned what I assume is something related to a schema change. This is not following or , despite it is not a new process to you (you have followed it in the past). Please reopen or create a new task with the recommendations mentioned there.

I'm sorry. I've got distracted by several (personal) stuff today. Sorry. I will do it soon with more careful thought.

@Ladsgroup do not apologize; you did nothing wrong- but if you need help from me I beg you to use the above recommendations OR contact me directly before assign me any ticket.

In general, do not assign me tickets without consulting me- use the DBA tag as I am not the only DBA that will be able to help you. Who is the right person to work on which tasks will be decided once that tag is used. Otherwise your task may be forgotten by accident as I do not monitor the ORES, or schema change tags.