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Create a pywikibot-bots-FLOSSbot project
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Would it be possible to create a pywikibot-bots-FLOSSbot project to support the repository ?


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@Aklapper thanks for the link, I'll read it (at least part of it ;-).

Project description:

FLOSSbot is a cli tool to help editors of the wikidata FLOSS project. It verifies claims and qualifiers and fix them when possible.

Aklapper claimed this task.

Requested project pywikibot-bots-FLOSSbot has been created:

Please encourage interested people to visit the project and to join the project as members, and to watch the project in order to receive updates!

Recommended practices for project and workboard management in Phabricator are available.

And if for some reason you ever want to rename the project, please check the guidelines first.