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Impressions slow to update on jaJP dsk campaign
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Hi @AndyRussG and FR-Tech,

I spoke with Andy a bit today about the fact that, after updating our jaJP desktop campaign (C1617_jaJP_dsk_FR), data seemed very slow to come in. Some notes:

  • At 17:59 UTC, I disabled the campaign, removed the banners from buckets A & B, added new banners to those buckets, and reenabled the campaign
  • Over the next 45 minutes, I saw no donation or impression data for either of the new banners (Names: B1617_0912_jaJP_dsk_p1_lg_rml_cnt and B1617_0912_jaJP_dsk_p1_lg_rml_mlr). The _mlr variant did record 1 click.
  • Started chatting w/ Andy; around 45 - 55 minute mark after setting up these banners, I started seeing donations, clicks and impressions.
  • While troubleshooting with Andy, we confirmed that the banner allocations looked good, impression limits looked normal, and we were both seeing banners when previewing on
  • Over that same time, I was infrequently checking results for banners in buckets C & D. I don't have detailed notes, but did see impression changes for those buckets, compared to the 0 impressions being recorded for the new banners in buckets A & B.


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If donations and impressions were down at the same time, that's a pretty certain indication people weren't seeing banners. My first inclination here would be to check detailed impression logs from Hive, as well as webrequest logs for Special:BannerLoader.

Since Special:BannerAllocation seemed OK, I think it's not the same problem as T144393. Could well be the same as T144952, though!

I guess we've been assuming for a while that this is a duplicate of T144952. Apologies for not merging before... Pls re-open this task if you think this is in error!! Thanks :)