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Collect feedback from TPG on how Light Engagement went from TPGer perspective
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Feedback from TPGers involved in Light Engagements could be valuable data to complement the customer feedback.

Add a step for TPGer to enter feedback on how the engagement went for them here:

Round 1

  • GG

Round 2 wave A

  • KS
  • GG
  • JA

Round 2 wave B

  • JA
  • KL
  • AR

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After Sept 21, Pilot round 2 wave A TPGers can add their information, and after Sept 28, pilot round 2 wave B TPGers can add their information.

@ggellerman: @JAufrecht and I concluded that TPGers should enter feedback after viewing the survey results, not before, since that's what you did. I could see it going either way.

@JAufrecht: In a conversation with @ggellerman, we agreed that it's best for TPGers to enter their info before seeing what the respondents have said. With that in mind, please fill in your cell in the spreadsheet at your earliest convenience. (And try not to read what Grace wrote before you do :P ). When you're done, a checkbox awaits you in this task's description.

@JAufrecht @Awjrichards @KLans_WMF : I have created cells in the spreadsheet, ready to accept your input. Our SOP is for you to fill in your thoughts about each engagement before viewing any of the feedback from the survey recipients, so it would be best for you to jot your ideas today or tomorrow.

When you're done, please check the box in this task description.

@ksmith done.

Relatedly, death to checkboxes!

Not sure where the results I'm feedbacking are. "TPG Feedback Survey (Responses)" Google sheet?