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MediaWiki:protect-level-autoconfirmed is misleading and often incorrect
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The [[MediaWiki:protect-level-autoconfirmed]] message currently contains (by default): "Block unregistered users". This is not what autoconfirmed is about, however. [[MediaWiki:protect-level-autoconfirmed]] should either say something about "autoconfirmed" (like [[MediaWiki:group-autoconfirmed]] and [[MediaWiki:group-autoconfirmed-member]] do), or something about semi-protection (in lieu of [[MediaWiki:restriction-level-autoconfirmed]]).

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: normal



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oysterguitarist wrote:

Are you asking to have the default massage changed or or have it changed on wikipedia, cause that can be done by administrators.

Probably the default. The thing is, what spro does depends on the site settings. It *can* just be unregistered users, and that is what it is by *default*. So the message is correct. If you change it to require edits/days, then you should edit the message.