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Provide editintro that depends on section name
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Author: Eneas

For beginners it's quiet hard to find specific guidelines or help pages. Newbies don't even know that such pages exist. Context specific advices would be a possible solution for this problem.

It would be very helpful to get an editintro in user defined sections.

For example:
The page 'MediaWiki:SectionHelp' contains:

  • External Links|Template:Help on external Links
  • References|Template:Help on References
  • Source|Template:Help on adding source information

When someone tries to edit the section 'External Links' the 'Template:Help on external Links' is shown at the top of the edit-page. The information (template) shouldn't disappear in preview mode.

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Severity: enhancement



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Eneas wrote:

To clarify the example: When a certain single section (e.g. References) in an Article is edited a specific editintro is shown to point to relevant help pages and guidelines.

The sectionnames of the article or even according to specific phrases in the text or certain elements (Tables, Templates, Pictures) in an edited section are compared against the information in MediaWiki:Sectionhelp and specific editintros ore something similar are shown on the page. Even after clicking preview.

This sounds like a lot of overkill, especially somewhere maintaining which string(s)/regular expression for some single section name should match with which editintro.

Eneas: Any idea or thoughts how to implement that in a sane way?