language code disparity (Wikidata tracking)
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Tracking of bugs, incidents, feature requests related to difference in language codes between a currently used code and some other (past, future, theoretical or special-purpose).


  • generally has the language code nb, not no.
  • was renamed

These disparities create various feature requests, bugs and other incidents.

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T129470 and T112285 come to mind.

There seem to be quite a few, but I thought I'd wait just to make sure that people actually want a tracking bug for that.

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Mnn, what's the different between this and T44396? Only because this is a Tracking task?

I'm not sure what T44396 is meant for. It might partially cover the same, it might not. This just tracks disparities and their effects.

I am confused by this overly generic task too.

I'm afraid my merge action is failed due to

Edges are not available for objects of type 'MLST'!

Better merge the ill-defined bug in the better defined one.

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I think you closed the wrong one. This one meets Lydia's requirements for bugs. The other doesn't.

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A number of these requests involve renaming wikis where both the old name and the preferred name refer uniquely to one wiki, e.g. zh-yue => yue, zh-classical => lzh. Is it possible that in the meantime, searching for these in the Wikidata editing interface will return the existing database name? e.g. when I want to add a sitelink to yue.wp, I should be able to find it by typing "yue" in addition to typing "zh-".

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